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St. Patrick
St. Patrick is the patron saint Ireland who spent his life converting the Irish to Christianity. March 17 commemorates the anniversary of his death in 461 A.D. Irish Americans celebrate by having parades and even those who are not of Irish descent get into the act. Wearing something green is one way that many show their solidarity. Shamrocks and leprechauns symbolize the folklore traditions of the old country. One way to allow children to enjoy the spirit of the holiday is to play Find the Hidden Treasure. According to legend Leprechauns, those tiny imaginary creatures akin to fairies, will try to buy their freedom if captured by offering to tell where a pot of gold is hidden. Simply hide the pot of gold (use the chocolate gold foil wrapped coins) and let the children rush to find the hidden gold treasure. A variation of Warm, Hot & Cold will be a helpful aid for younger children. Another fun way to delight children is to surprise them with some green milk. A new way to get that milk down those youngsters! Before pouring the milk secretly add some green food coloring to the glass. Just a few drops should do. Wont they be surprised when the milk turns green when you pour that glass of milk. And finally an activity that will teach children about horticulture. A week or two before St. Patricks Day go to a landscape nursery and obtain some shamrock plantings. The children can plant them in pots and water them and watch them grow. Great idea to teach young people about how things grow. In large cities long parades march through the streets. Bands play and people sing Irish songs. Those who are not Irish themselves also wear green neckties and hair ribbons and take part in the celebrations.

The History of St. Patrick's Day

The History of April Fool's Day