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Online Communications with Other Access Schools.

This school year is very fruitful for our access school for more and more access schools started looking for partners to have online lessons and conferences with other access school in the world. The children are interested in cultural life, customs, traditions of the different nations, especially in Dagestan where the representatives of more than 100 nations live and work in close neighborhood and live in peace and alliance. It is surprising but during long coexistence there have never been wars between the peoples of Dagestan. During October we had two conferences with Malaysian access school and one with South Korean. Malaysian students were very interested in tourists places in Dagestan and in the national cuisine. In their turn they showed us their national costumes and talked about food popular in Malaysia. The students from South Korea were interested in geographical position, climate, culture and traditions of our people.

The first video conference with the students from Malaysioa was devoted to the tourists routs in Dagerstan.

They spole about food.







The Second Conference was devoted to Dagestan Cuisine.







Conference with the Students from South Korea.






Conference with students from Daegu International School South Korea. They talked to us about their City.




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August conference 2011


On August 25, there took place a Republican Teachers conference in the building of the Russian theatre in Makhachkala. The VIP guests to the conference were the President of the Republic of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov and the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Andrei Alexandrovich Fursenko   At the request of the organizing committee we, my ACCESS students and I, had to show them how we use new technologies in the process of education i.e. to hold a video conference with some foreign partner in English. At the suggestion of Mr. Mike Bailey we chose a partner in South Korea, Mr. Guy Hamlin, a teacher of history from State Maine, U.S.A., who teachers in one of the school in the city of Daegur there. We didn't know him before and it was great because he could evaluate our presentation very fairly. The students were a little bit confused when the delegation led by our president came up to our place, but they pulled themselves together and began the presentation. Both the president and the minister thanked us heartily and wished us success, besides Mr. Fursernko said that he hadnt thought that such technologies were used in Dagestan.  I think it was the best compliment to our activity. The girls were very proud that they had met them.   












Video conference with School # 42 from Vladimir "Dagestan is My Home and Hearth"

In November the teacher of English from school # 42 from Vladimir Galustyan Svetlana address us with the request to introduce our republic to her students as the latter know practically nothing about the Caucasus and the people living there, beside the information they get in central Russia about our republic and the people is really very scaring and they usually think that all Muslims are terrorists, killers and assassins.  Such reputation is very offensive for us and we wanted to show them that good  and bad people can be found in any nation but the number of good people prevails . So on December 4 we had a very good and fruitful conference with the students from Vladimir. First they asked us questions about the things they were interested in and then listened to our presentation.   Soon they will invite us to listen to their presentation and get every possible information about one of the oldest Russian cities, it's history, people, culture and traditions.







Pictures got from Vladimir School # 42



Video conference with the student of Daegu International School "Khasavyurt is our Home"