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Olympiad "Future of the Caucasus-2012"

In the city of Khasavyurt there was held the All Caucasian Olympiad УFutures of the CaucasusФ.     Students from four Republics of the Northern Caucasus: Ingushetia, Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo- Cherkessia, and Stavropol region took part in four subjects: the Russian language, Mathematics, History and English.  The team of those who wanted to participate in the English language Olympiad comprises 60 students from 9-11 Grades.  The tasks they had to do were based o0n the Unified state exam materials. While the students were doing the tasks I was holding a seminar for the teachers and having found that Guy Hamlin, a teacher of history and English from the city of Belfast, Maine, U.S.A. who teachers English and history in Daegu International school in South Korea at present, was available for a talk held an hour long talk of the teachers with him. It was really a revelation for most of the teachers because they are not experienced in using the Informational communicative technologies at the lessons. For them it was a cultural shock which made them feel rather awkward at the beginning off the conference. I can say that they were frustrated. But Guy Hamlin, being very benevolent and tolerant made them recover from their shock and some minutes later they felt at ease. At the end of the conference all of them expressed the desire to participate in the Global classroom International program.




Having checked the papers I found out that my two Access students from  the 9-th and 10-th Grades got the highest number of points and won the first places.  They are Osmanova Asil and Ibraghimova Naida. After lunch I spoke to the guests  about "Lessons in Kindness" book, for tolerance has become the most important subject in children's upraising here nowadays, even the President of Dagestan has recently held a competition for the best student's work on children's rights, and tolerance was in the list of the topics offered for writing an essay. My student also wrote about our visit top Elista and how we wrote stories, etc. Our paper was sent to the president. We are expecting the answer now. The teams were presented with books and CD-ROMs sent to us by the English Language Office of the American Embassy in Moscow. When I said that it was the idea of the English Language office to send these very nice things to show their good attitude to the Northern Caucasus. they cried " Hurrah!'







Then my Access students had a video conference with the students from the Belfast Area School, Main, U.S.A. Mr. Michael Bailey was so kind that in spite of eight hours time difference made all his students come to school early in order to talk to us. We spoke about our hometown Khasavyurt and they spoke about State Maine. Next day at the closing session there my best girls were awarded with diplomas and  cups.