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Lesson 1: Budget Cuts

Anna: Hum. Oh! Important meeting. Everyone must come. Well, back to work! And my boss has called a meeting. I wonder what it's about. Maybe we're all getting raises! Ooo, there's Jonathan! Maybe he knows.

Professor Bot: Hi! I'm Professor Bot! This video is all about work.
People talk about jobs and things that happen at work. Your assignment
is to find as many work words as you can. Don't worry, I'll help.

Anna: So, Jonathan, what do you think today's meeting is about? The email sounded important.

Jonathan: Well, I have heard people in the building talking about budget cuts.

Anna: Oh! Budget cuts? Wait, who has been talking about budget cuts?

Jonathan: Mark in Accounting.

Anna: Mark in Accounting? That's one person. That's not people.

Jonathan: I know, but Mark knows everything that goes on at The Studio.

Anna: That is true. But wait, look at us. We shouldn't gossip. That's how rumors start. We'll just go to the meeting and see what happens.

Jonathan: You're right. No more talk about budget cuts.

Amelia: Budget cuts? Oh no!

Amelia: I just heard Anna and Jonathan talking about budget cuts.

Kaveh: That must be what the meeting is about. When there are budget cuts, people lose their jobs.

Amelia: Not you. You're a good reporter.

Kaveh: And it's not you. You've done a great job as a videographer.

Amelia: I can't go back to being a detective. Criminals scare me!

Kaveh: And I can't go back to being a teacher! High school kids scare me!

Professor Bot: Did you hear any work words? They talked about a lot
of jobs. You can make the name of a job by adding an ending to a verb!
Kaveh reports, so, he's a reporter. Amelia used to detect, so she was a
detective. If you teach, you're a teacher. And a videographer.uh, I
think you understand. Back to the story.

Kaveh: Penelope, have you heard the news? Today's meeting is about budget cuts.

Penelope: That's awful! What should I do?

Kaveh: Update your résumé. Ive already updated mine. Ill see you at the meeting.

Ms. Weaver: Hello everyone! Quiet, please. Quiet, please!

Ms. Weaver: This meeting wont take long. Then you can all leave.

Ms. Weaver: What is wrong with everyone? You look like I'm going to
fire you. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Seriously, what is wrong with everyone?

Anna: Excuse me, Ms. Weaver?

Ms. Weaver: Yes, Anna.

Anna: Well, everyone has been worrying about, you know Weve been worrying that you are going to fire us!

Ms. Weaver: Im not going to fire any of you! No! The reason for this
meeting is to tell you what a good job youve been doing and give out
new assignments. Budget cuts have been happening. But
only one person has lost their job -- Mark in Accounting? Now, lets
talk about those new assignments.

Professor Bot: Ms. Weaver's team is doing a good job! How did you do?
Did you find all of the work words? Here's a list you can check.





budget cuts













New Words

accounting - n. the skill, system, or job of keeping the financial records of a business or person

assignment - n. a job or duty that is given to someone

boss - n. the person whose job is to tell other workers what to do

budget - n. an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent

calm - adj. not angry, upset, excited, etc.

criminal - n. a person who has committed a crime or who has been proved to be guilty of a crime by a court

detective - n. a police officer whose job is to find information about crimes that have occurred and to catch criminals

email - n. a system for sending messages from one computer to another computer

fire - v. to dismiss (someone) from a job

go on - phrasal verb. happen

gossip - v. to talk about the personal lives of other people

lose - v. to fail to keep or hold

raise - n. an increase in the amount of your pay

résumé - n. a short document describing your education, work history, etc., that you give an employer when you are applying for a job​

rumor - n. information or a story that is passed from person to person but has not been proven to be true

scare - v. to cause (someone) to become afraid

update - v. to change (something) by including the most recent information

used to - v. used to say that something existed or repeatedly happened in the past but does not exist or happen now

videographer - n. a person who records images or events using a video camera