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Lesson 4: Run Away With the Circus!

Anna: Hello, Im Anna

Pete: and Im Pete. Welcome to He Said,

Anna: She Said!

Pete: Because there are always two sides

Anna: to every story!

Anna: Todays show is about Circus Arts!

Pete: Circus? Thats not an art form.

Anna: Yes, it is.

Pete: No, it isn't.

Anna: Yes, it is.

Pete: No, it isn't.

Anna: Yes, it is!

Pete: No, it isn't.

Anna: Yes, it is!

Pete: No, it isn't.

Anna: Yes, it is!

Professor Bot: Oh dear. Anna and Pete do not agree about Circus Arts.
But that's okay. Todays lesson is about agreeing and disagreeing.
Lets listen to how Anna and Pete disagree or agree. Lets hope these
two can agree on something.

Anna: Today, lets run away with the circus!

Recently, I went to a circus festival. There was a huge circus tent.
And many different circus performers. It was a celebration of circus

Pete: That looks fun, Anna. But I dont think circus performers are artists. I think theyre athletes with interesting skills and costumes.

Anna: Hmm, that is a very interesting point of view, Pete. And I completely disagree.

Pete: Anna, Michelangelo was an artist. Rembrandt was an artist. People who swing from ropes are not artists. I know its not easy to swing from a bar and catch someone by the hands. You have to be very athletic to do that.

Anna: Thats a good point, Pete. They are athletic. But they are called trapeze artists. Trapeze ARTISTS.

Pete: I hear what youre saying, Anna. I do. But where is the art? Look at these guys. Theyre jugglers.

Anna: Yes, they are skilled in the art of juggling.

Pete: They have a special skill. But are they artists?

Anna: Yes!

Pete: No!

Pete: They're just throwing things back and forth.

Anna: Kind of like you and me, Pete. Were going back and forth on this issue.

Pete: I dont think well ever agree on this one.

Anna: No, but we can agree that these young people are amazing.

Pete: Okay, yeah. We can agree on that. But, still, they are very athletic flipping and throwing each other around.

Anna: Yes, I agree with you on that point.

Professor. Bot: They did it! They agreed!! Anna says she agrees that the performers are athletic. "Thats a good point, Pete. They are athletic. I agree with you on that point. " Now look for other ways they agree.

Pete: Anna? Anna!!

Anna: Sorry! Sorry! But hes an artist too. He is telling a story with his sticks and his costume.

Pete: What story? What costume?

Anna: I see your point, Pete. I really do. But circus performers do
more than physical tricks. Look! Look at these amazing performers!

Pete: I will admit -- I like their costumes.

Anna: You know, Pete. Lets let the performers speak for themselves.

Anna: Kate and Piper tell stories while hanging upside down on a ring!

Pete: Was it hard to interview them upside down?

Anna: I interviewed them right side up, Pete. Kate says circus performing may be athletic but its not competitive. With most sports, you compete.

Kate: Its an art form because like, other sports are competing. This is simply performing and having fun.

Pete: Okay, Kate made a really good point. In athletics, there is a lot of competition. But still

Anna: Heres Piper, Pete. Please pay attention, Pete.

Pete: But, I -

Anna: Shh.

Piper: Well, when youre up in the air doing circus you have to perform. And so, we learn to embody characters, and to move fluidly and gracefully in artistic ways.

Anna: And that is why they are artists!

Pete: Youre right, Anna. Oh, youre right. Its just so beautiful.

Anna: I know. I know, Pete.

Professor Bot: Good job you two! I'm so glad that Anna and Pete
finally agree! Pete said, " Youre right, Anna." I agree, too. Circus
arts are beautiful. Remember the website!