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Lesson 6: Will It Float?

Penelope: Anna, thanks for taking me on a tour of D.C. today.

Anna: Sure thing, Penelope. You are new to town. And a tour is the best way to see more of the city!

Penelope: So, which tour are we taking the one that goes through the city on a bus? Or the one that goes along the river in a boat?

Anna: Both!

Penelope: What? Anna, this isnt going to be one of those trips, is it?

Anna: No. Follow me.

Professor Bot: In this lesson, you are going to hear lots of
prepositions! Whats a preposition, you ask? Its a word that shows relationships between things. Anna says they are going on a tour through the city and along the river. Through and along are both prepositions. Watch for more!

Anna: Well, Penelope, theres our ride!

Penelope: What is it?

Anna: Its the famous DC Ducks -- the boat with wheels! We will ride on the road and then sail on the water!

Penelope: Who thinks of these things?

Anna: I don't know. But Im glad they do! Lets get aboard, Sailor!

Penelope: (looking at a brochure about the boat) Hey, did you know that this bus um, boat was created during World War II to carry people and supplies?

Anna: Wow. You know, a tour is so much more interesting with Fun Facts, like that one.

Penelope: I agree. I love Fun Facts!

Boy: Did I hear you say you love Fun Facts?

Anna & Penelope: Yeah.

Boy: Well, I have tons of Fun Facts for this tour!

Anna & Penelope: Great!

Anna: Penelope, where are his parents?

Penelope: Maybe - maybe hes the Captains son and he helps his dad on tours!

Anna: Oh yeah! It would be so awesome to ride around the city in a boat all day with your dad!

Penelope: This is amazing, Anna. There are so many beautiful buildings along this road!

Anna: Hey, the Washington Monument is on the left!

Professor Bot: I have a Fun Fact too! Did you know that the
Washington Monument was damaged in an earthquake? Whoa. Did you feel

I heard: "around the city in a boat," "along this road and "on the left." All of these are prepositions showing place. Let's watch for more places and prepositions!

Penelope: Look, Anna, were across from the White House!

Anna: Penelope, the only thing between us and the President is the street and a park and a security gate .... and police officers with guns.

Boy: Excuse me, do you want to know a Fun Fact about the White House?

Anna & Penelope: Yes!

Boy: Inside the White House there is a swimming pool, a movie theater and 32 bathrooms!

Penelope: Thirty-two bathrooms! Thats a lot of bathrooms!

Boy: Id be happy with two. I live in a house with my mom, four sisters, two aunts and only one bathroom!

Penelope: Oh my! You know, Anna, we should give him a tip!

Anna: Of course! It is polite to tip your tour guide! Luckily, I have lots of dollar bills!

Penelope: That was a great Fun Fact! Here you go!

Boy: Thank you! I can tell you Fun Facts all day!

Professor Bot: Did you hear any more prepositions of place? I heard "between us and the president" inside the White House" and "in a house."

And did you hear that the Duck Boat can go on the
river? I don't believe it. Join us next time to find out which
preposition we will use: The boat went ON the river or The boat went
INTO the river?

New Words

aboard - prep. on or into (a train, ship, etc.)

across - prep. on the other side of (something)

along - prep. in a line matching the length or direction of (something)

around - prep.over or in different parts of (a place)

between - prep. in the space that separates (two things or people)

captain - n. a person who is in charge of a ship or an airplane

carry - v. to move (something) while holding and supporting it

inside - prep. an inner part of something (such as a building or machine)

pool - n. (swimming pool) a large structure that is filled with water and that is used for swimming

relationship - n. the way in which two or more people or things are connected

security gate - n. a place where people are checked to make sure they are not carrying weapons or other illegal materials

through - prep. used to describe movement within a place or an area of land, air, etc.

tip - n. an extra amount of money that you give to someone (such as a waitress or waiter) who performs a service for you

- v. to give an extra amount of money to someone who performs a service for you

tour - n. an activity in which you go
through a place (such as a building or city) in order to see and learn
about the different parts of it

wheel - n. one of the round parts underneath a car, wagon, etc., that rolls and allows something to move