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Lesson 9: Pets Are Family, Too!

Anna: Hi Ashley!

Ashley: Hey, Anna! How was your weekend?

Anna: It was great! I went to the D.C. State Fair.

Ashley: I would have gone, but I was busy. How was it?

Anna: It was awesome! I won first place in a pet contest!

Ashley: But, you dont have a pet, do you?

Anna: Yes and no. What do you mean by pet?

Prof. Bot: A pet is an animal that lives with you. People love their
pets. "Ashley said, you dont have a pet, do you? She used a tag
question, a small question at the end of a sentence. Let's look for more
of them!

Anna: Look, a pet! Whos this cute little dog?

Ashley: Oh, right. You havent met my dog, have you? This is Dublin.

Anna: Hi, Dublin! Nice to meet you. Hes so cute!

Ashley: Thanks! So, tell me about the fair.

Anna: Oh, there were the usual things -- fair food, cute babies,
music. But there must have been a dozen different contests! And some
were pretty strange.

Anna: There was a contest to see who could spit a watermelon seed the
farthest. You should have seen all the people who wanted to spit a
watermelon seed! And, it was pretty fun to watch. But Ashley, the pet
contests were the best. There was a pet parade. Lots of people walked with their dogs.

Ashley: That sounds so fun. But Anna, tell me, how did you win a pet contest without a pet?

Anna: Okay, the closest thing I have is my pet rock.

Anna: I know its silly, but Ive had it since I was a little girl.
So, for a joke, I brought it to the fair. But then I was invited to
enter the One-of-Kind Pet contest. And I won! (holds up first place ribbon)

Ashley: Anna, only you could have won first place in a pet contest
with a pet rock. I should have brought Dublin. He wouldve won a

Anna: Its not very easy to win one of these. (shows her the blue ribbon) Does he have a costume?

Anna: They had a costume contest. You should have seen this little girl. She and her dog wore matching princess costumes!

Ashley: Dublin doesnt wear costumes.

Anna: Does he know any tricks?

Ashley: Come this way. Now, watch this. (Dublin chases a toy)

Anna: You caught it, Dublin! And you killed it! Good dog! Ashley, he
could have won the Best Catch contest! Aw, good boy! Ashley, pets are
fun, arent they?

Ashley: Yes. And they become part of your family. (she drinks from her Dublin mug)

Anna: Ashley, I think I want a dog. No. I know I want a dog!

Ashley: Its a big responsibility. You may want to spend time with a dog first.

Anna: That is a great idea. But where can I find a dog?

Ashley: You know, Anna, I have some shopping to do. Do you want to watch Dublin for a couple of hours?

Anna: Yes! I would! I will take very good care of him!

Ashley: I know you will. Heres his leash.

Anna: Thank you.

Ashley: (to Dublin) Okay, I'll miss you!

Anna: Aw. I dont want you to be lonely. Here, Rocky can stay with you. (puts pet rock on wall)

Ashley: Anna, I really dont need Okay. Thanks, Anna.

Anna: Sure. Bye, Ashley. (to Dublin) Come on, Dublin! Bye, Rocky!

Ashley: Bye!

Prof. Bot: Annas rock is cute, isnt it? Oh, there is another tag question! You found some more, didnt you?

You havent met my dog, have you?

Go to the VOA Learning English website to learn more.

New Words

contest - n. an event in which people try to win by doing something better than others

fair - n. a large public event at which there are various kinds of competitions, games, rides, and entertainment

leash - n. a long, thin piece of rope or chain that is used for holding a dog or other animal

matching - adj. having the same pattern, color, or design

owner - n. a person or group that owns something or a pet's human companion

parade - n. a public celebration of a
special day or event that usually includes many people and groups moving
down a street by marching or riding in cars or on special vehicles

princess - n. a female member of a royal family

responsibility - n. a duty or task that you are required or expected to do

seed - n. a small object produced by a plant from which a new plant can grow

spit - v. to force (something, such as food or liquid) from your mouth

watermelon - n. a large, round fruit that has hard, green skin, sweet, red, juicy flesh, and black seeds