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Lesson 10: Visit to Peru

Bruna: Hi, Anna!

Anna: Hi, Bruna! Whats up?

Bruna: I thought we could meet for lunch today.

Anna: I wish I could, but I cant. I have to research Peru for a story.

Bruna: Hows it going?

Anna: Not so good. Ive been reading about Peru and listening to Peruvian music. I really want to understand Peru. I hope it's enough.

Bruna: You should visit Peru.

Anna: I wish!

Bruna: You can!

Anna: Bruna, I dont have the money or time to go to Peru. My deadline is tomorrow!

Bruna: No, I dont mean to really go there. The museum where I work is having a Peruvian festival today! . Anna? Anna? Anna, are you there?

Prof. Bot: Hello again! Professor Bot here. Today we will hear about
wishes and hopes. Bruna asked Anna to go to lunch, but she answered,

I wish I could, but I cant. Listen for more hope and wish sentences.

Bruna: Hi, Anna!

Anna: Hi, Bruna! Thanks for telling me about this event.

Bruna: Sure! It's much better than staring at your computer. I hope it helps with your story.

Anna: Im sure it will. So, what should we see first?

Bruna: Dance and music are very important to Peruvian culture, so lets watch the dancers.

Anna: Great! Lets go!

Bruna: There's this very special Peruvian dance called Marinera Norteña.

Anna: I love the Marinera Nortina !

Bruna: Marinera Norteña.

Anna: Marinera Norten ?

Bruna: No. Marinera Norteña.

Anna: I love the marriage dance!

Anna: Bruna, I read about this dance. But it is much more romantic in person!

Bruna: The dancers are giving lessons after their performance. You should try it!

Anna: Id love to. But Im not ready to get married. I mean, one day I hope to meet the right guy. Well buy matching motorcycles and ride into the sunset -- the wind blowing through our hair!

Bruna: Anna, the dance just shows the courtship tradition. It doesnt mean you will get married.

Anna: Oh. Well, Ill try anyway.

Bruna: Dont forget. This festival also shows Peruvian art!

Anna: I hope I have time to see everything!

Bruna: Anna, I wish I could join you. But I have some work to do.

Anna: Of course, of course. You go back to work. Ill check out the art.

Bruna: Okay, Im hoping to finish in about an hour. Lets meet then.

Anna: Great. See you then!

Bruna: See ya!

Prof. Bot: Did you notice any sentences with hope or wish?

Anna says, One day I hope to meet the right guy. Thats an example
of using hope with an infinitive to talk about doing something in the
future. Keep watching!

Anna: Oh, wow! I can make my own Peruvian art!

Bruna: Anna, hows it going?

Anna: Hi, Bruna!

Bruna: You know you're in the kid's section, right?

Anna: I'm in the art making section.

Bruna: I see that. Your art is very nice. I wish I could do art like that.

Anna: Oh, this ones not mine. This is mine.

Bruna: Wow! Really? That's really nice!

Anna: Thanks! And thanks for telling me about this festival. I learned so much about Peru. Ooh, we still have time!

Bruna: Time for what?

Anna: Time for Marinera Norteña!

Prof. Bot: Do you remember what Anna said? I really want to
understand Peru. I hope you understand Peru a little better now, too.
And I wish I could talk with you more about grammar, but thats all the
time we have today! Go to the website to learn more!

New Words

blow - v. to be moved or affected in a specified way by the wind

courtship - n. he activities that occur
when people are developing a romantic relationship that could lead to
marriage or the period of time when such activities occur

deadline - n. a date or time when something must be finished

hope - v. to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true

in person - expression used to say that a person is actually present at a place

join - v. to put or bring (two or more things) together

marriage - n. a ceremony in which two people are married to each other

match - v. to have the same appearance or color

motorcycle - n. a vehicle with two wheels that is powered by a motor and that can carry one or two people

Peru - n. a country in South America

romantic - adj. of, relating to, or involving love between two people

sunset - n. the time when the sun goes below the horizon in the evening

wish - v. to want (something) to be true or to happen