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Level 2 Lesson 22: Trash to Treasure, Part 2

Sue: Welcome to class, Anna. I cant wait to see your trash!

Sue: Oh, okay. Alright, its a -- its a net with a oh, its got a hole in it. Tell me about that.

Anna: This net said to me, Anna, I used to catch stuff. I dont anymore. So, use me, Anna. Thats what it said. It said, Use me, Anna.

Sue: Okay. So...its a plastic helmet.

Anna: This plastic helmet said, Anna. Hey, Anna, find me a head.

Sue: Okay, um...and a broken toy.

Anna: This broken toy this broken toy said to me it said, Anna, help me find fun. Help me, Anna is what it said.

Sue: Anna, this stuff is not saying anything to you or me or anyone. Its what we like to call in the business garbage.

Anna: But you said to bring in trash.

Sue: Sometimes trash is treasure. Sometimes it's just trash.

Sue: Anna, dont worry. Next week, I could teach you decoupage.

Anna: Decoupage. Decoupage. Thats fun to say.

Sue: All you need to bring is a clean shoe box. A box that held shoes.

Anna: I got it. I got it! See you next week!

Prof. Bot: Ut oh. It looks like Anna doesnt know the difference between treasure and trash. She thinks those things are telling her something!

Prof. Bot: The words tell and say have similar meanings. But we use them in different ways.

Prof Bot: Tell means to inform or instruct someone with words and is almost always followed by an indirect object. For example, Sue says, Tell me about that.

Prof. Bot: The word me is the indirect object and tells us who is being told.

Prof. Bot: Say means to express something with words and focuses more on the words used. For example, Anna says, Thats what it said. It said, Use me, Anna.

Prof. Bot: Listen for when Anna and Sue use tell and say.

Sue: Anna, welcome to Decoupage class. Decoupage is just gluing pretty pictures onto stuff.

(Sue gets a phone call.)

Sue: Anna, Ive got to talk to this person. Ill be right back. Dont start without me.

Anna: Got it.

(Sue leaves to take her phone call. Anna gets glue everywhere. She becomes covered with glue and paper.)

Anna: Okay. I can fix this.

Sue: Anna, what happened? I told you to wait for me!

Anna: Actually, you told me not to start without you, which I didnt. Your glue is really sticky.

Sue: Next week, lets try lamp making. Theres theres no glue. Here's a flier.

Anna: Thanks. See you next week.

Sue: Anna, you did really well this week. I think lamp making might be your thing!

Anna: Thanks, Sue. I did everything you told me to do.

Sue: Remember: I said to read the instructions really carefully. Where are those instructions?

Anna: Lets just plug it in!

(Anna plugs in the lamp and, suddenly, the city loses electricity.)

Anna: So, what class will you be teaching next week?

Prof. Bot: Too bad Anna didnt follow instructions! Visit our website for more on tell and say!