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Introducing Let's Teach English

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Let's Teach English Unit 1: Learning Strategies

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Unit 2: Listening Skills and Cooperative Learning

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Unit 3: Speaking Skills and Pronunciation

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Unit 4: Reading Skills September 25, 2017

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Unit 5: Role-Plays

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Let's Teach English Review of Introduction - Unit 5

Teaching Topics In Units 1 through 5 of Let's Teach English, we showed how these teaching topics appear in a model classroom. Read the summary to review the topics, then try the quiz to check your understanding. Constructivism Let’s Teach English is built on the theory of constructivism. The Concept to Classroom Workshop website defines constructivism as “. . . people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences . . . we are active creators of our own knowledge. To do this, we must ask questions, explore, and assess what we know.” In Let’s Teach English, lessons start with what learners already know and build on that. Communicative Language Teaching Let’s Teach English also uses the method of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). The goal of CLT is to develop learners who can share information by speaking or writing in another language. The focus is on using authentic or real communication in teaching, in other words, exchanging new information with others. For example, if your students need to be able to use English at a medical office, they should practice things like filling out medical forms and answering questions about their health in class. Or, maybe your students want to apply for a job. That is something they can role play so they can express themselves in a real-life situation. Learner-Centered Teaching Practices You will see that learners are the main focus in classroom activities and practices. The teacher tries to make sure most of the class time is taken up by the students using English. Much less time is taken by the teacher giving instructions or talking about English. One way to make sure that students spend more time talking is to create cooperative learning groups. Notice the different ways that these groups are created in these videos and how their work is shared with the class. Students make choices in the learner-centered instruction. Activities have options that let students read or talk about things related to their own interests. Learning Strategies Instruction One of the practices you see in these videos is Learning Strategies Instruction. Learning strategies are thoughts or actions that students use to make learning easier or more effective. The teacher explains and models how to use these strategies, and then gives students an activity in which to apply them. Another practice you will see is Active Learning. Whenever possible, students are involved in using their second language to speak or write, rather than watching others use it. So, instead of watching classmates act out a role play, students are doing the role play themselves in small groups. In one lesson, you see students reading the instructions for an activity rather than listening to the teacher reading them. Review of Units Introducing Let's Teach English: Teaching Topics Theory of Constructivism Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Method Learner-Centered Practices and Active Learning Unit 1: Teaching Learning Strategies Learning Strategy: Summarize Student Text: Family Unit 2: Teaching Listening Skills Cooperative learning structures Learning strategy: Focus Student Text: Food Unit 3: Teaching Speaking Skills Teaching Pronunciation Learning strategy: Personalize Student Text: Health & Beauty Unit 4 Teaching Reading Skills Learning strategy: Use or Create a Graphic Organizer Student Text: Home & Community Unit 5: Teaching Through Role-plays Learning strategy: Cooperate Student Text: Shopping

Unit 6: Group Projects

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Unit 7: Critical Thinking Skills

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Unit 8: Visual Literacy

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