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Are Males Better Leaders than Females?

I cant believe that boys make better leaders than girls.

Last month my friend Laura was running for President of the Student Council. She deserved it, but it almost didnt happen.

Laura asked me, Beth, would you be my campaign manager? I was honored to do that because she is such a great person.

My helpers and I created great signs, like Laura, a True Leader and some that were funny, Dont Linger, Vote for Laura.

Four students were running: Laura, Jeff, Randy, and Kitty.

Kitty said, Beth, what is so great about Laura? Shes just a good student. Kitty is the sweet, cute cheer-leader type. I dont know why she wanted to run.

Not true. Laura is the most active person in the school. Besides being super smart, she is a great athlete, especially in basketball. She is a top debater. She also volunteers at the Community Center, tutoring kids who are slow readers. I didnt mention another quality I admired. She helps her family by working part time at Chiles. Her Dad is sick and they arent rich.

Well, Im going to step down because Jeff is the best for the job. Hes popular and good-looking, great at football, baseball, basketball.

Kitty, its not enough to be popular and handsome. He doesnt know anything about the job. He isnt a good student. Hes just a jock.

I saw Randy next. Where did Jeff get all those super signs and big banners?

I bet his fathers Public Relations Department made them for him. I hate it when money buys voters. Jeff was from a rich family.

Randy is one of the class clowns, but everyone likes him. I think he put his name in as a joke. He cant be serious. He doesnt do anything at school but hang out.

On Monday at the school assembly, Randy dropped out, and gave his support to Laura. He has a crush on her. Then Kitty got up and said, I could do a good job, but I think we need a man as President, Jeff Briggs. and then she cheered.

I choked in anger. She wants to be his girlfriend.

The next day, the two candidates gave their speeches. Jeff was so predictable. He stood up and said things students like to hear. He wants easier classes like ballroom dancing. He wants to get rid of the foreign language requirement. No hall passes. No dress code. He also announced that Kitty will be his Vice President.

Laura stood up and she was so brave. She said that we need more female leadership in the school, that we have never had a girl for the highest student office. She called for more books by women authors in the literature classes. She demanded better science labs and more computers for the library. No frills nor nonsense.

The campaign got ugly. I heard so many bad things said about Laura, mostly by boys. They said, Shes acting like a boy. She isnt even pretty. Shes too tough. Shes not a leader; the school needs someone strong like Jeff.

I began to wonder about the intelligence of our students.

On Friday we voted and I spent the week-end hoping, hoping, hoping that the students voted for the right person.

On Monday the Principal announced, Laura Mills is our new President of the Student Council. Congratulations, Larua. The students gave her a standing ovation.

Thank goodness that there are enough intelligent students here and the old prejudice against women as leaders is dying away.


A. Vocabulary.

Learn these words and use them in the role plays: deserved, campaign, linger, jock volunteers, assembly, crush, candidates, predictable, frills, nonsense, standing ovation.

B. Role Plays. Create dialogs and act out these role plays.

1. Laura, her parents. Talking about whether she should run for President.

2. Laura, Beth. Making plans for the campaign.

3. Beth, Kitty. Talking about the merits of Laura and Jeff.

4. Laura, Randy. Talking about the campaign and what to say to the students.

5. Jeff, Kitty. They talk about their plans for the campaign and a date that evening.

6. Laura, Beth. They meet over the week-end to talk about whether Laura won.

7. Boys at school. Talking about the two candidates.

C. Writing.

1. Write a campaign speech for either Laura or Jeff.

2. Write a summary of the story.

3. Write a description of the school.