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New Girl in School

I am learning a lesson that I will never forget. Two days ago, when I got to school, all my friends were in the hall. They were talking about this new person in our class. Did you see what she had on her head? She looks like she is from


Are Males Better Leaders than Females?

I cant believe that boys make better leaders than girls. Last month my friend Laura was running for President of the Student Council. She deserved it, but it almost didnt happen. Laura asked me, Beth, would y


Color Barrier

I am an African-American, living in Chicago. My name is Glory. Sometimes I know people look-down on us, but most of the time I can shake off the prejudice I see about me. Prejudice is a funny thing. It means that peo


I Want to Play

This is what happened to me yesterday. My classmates were out on the playground behind school and getting ready to divide up to make teams for a soccer game. I was a little late, but I ran up to the group. I waited to be chosen to play. Each captain


Super Girls Book Club

Last year at the beginning of the new term, my five best friends decided to form a new book club. We called it Super Girls Book Club. Our plan was to choose a new book to read every month and meet on Fridays to discuss the book. We met at my house



I hate to say it, but lately Ive been having a hard time with my parents. We have these real cool neighbors, and they decided we couldnt be friends with them anymore. My sister Kate, 14, really likes the girl next door. Her name is Rac


Real Americans

My grandfather came here from Lebanon many years ago. My family has lived in Los Angeles for more than 70 years, but now and then I feel like a foreigner. In my high school, people hang out in their groups. I dont do that but still my best fr


A Workshop in a Summer Camp in Elista

American Writer Mrs. Myrtis Mixon is Teaching Students from Dagestan and Kalmylia to Write Stories on Tolerance.